Blogger Love Languages: Let’s start a Conversation

It’s Blogger Love Language month, and I thought I’d take my hand at talking a bit about what I really love about blogging: the comments. It’s kinda a meme nowadays that you should “never read the comments” but it’s something that I usually have to do. The interaction between people about a topic is one of the good things I like about groups in general and probably part of the reason I’m so extroverted. If I can talk to you about a topic and get your feelings on it, I can branch from there with my own thoughts and feel like we both can gain a lot of knowledge.

Or I’ll make a bad pun to make you laugh. Probably both if it’s a real good time.

To be honest, when I started Adult Conversations, I didn’t have a lofty goal of fame or fortune (tho if anyone wants to start paying me to write about my feelings on sex or reactions to terrible sex-ed that people get, please feel free!) but in starting…well, conversations. I wanted people to talk about the topics that I bring up, even if it’s not directly on how well or poorly that I covered something. Not to mention that people WANT to engage with what I write is the biggest charge I can get.

That’s why I love hearing what other people think about what I’ve done. Not only does it make me feel seen, but it helps me improve how I’m trying to say it. I get to hear new points of view on the topic and maybe find other ways it can relate to people. It makes me feel connected to people and that my ideas have enough merit to be an interaction. If I’m really lucky, a small interaction with a comment can give me loads of new ideas on WHAT to write (which, to be fair, is probably been the second most difficult part of blogging.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting constructive criticism of my writing. I am always aware that I could have done something better or different, but I’m never sure exactly WHAT to change. Sure, it means I have to risk dealing with shitty responses, but I feel like the positive ones are worth it. And THAT all has to do with wording, to be honest. If you thought my point was crap, I’d still want to hear it, but more for WHY you had that reaction. Was it a badly done premise? The tone? The fact that you hate the idea of people enjoying sexuality in a way that you don’t understand? All that is pretty important information. (Especially the last one, so I can better understand who I should and shouldn’t be taking advice from)

Mostly I just want to know that I’m having an effect on people. Let me know if you’ve learned something from what I’ve written. Tell me that you wanted to share stuff I’ve written for others. Especially ask questions if you want me to expand on what I’ve said. Hell, if I just made you laugh with one of my terrible jokes, you can talk to me about that. It’s entirely fine to approach me, as long as you’re respectful in what you’re asking and that I might be at work (I unfortunately can’t just do blogging).

So don’t be afraid to leave a comment, ask a question, or even give a bit of criticism the next time you read one of my posts. I promise that, in most cases, that will make my day more than all the “likes” in the world.

Check out more about Blogger Love Language Month here. Also check out the awesome MxNillin at their blog over here.

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