Hey everyone! My name is Mx. Promiscuous and welcome to Adult Conversations, the advice column where we have conversations about adult-themed things! Now, I’m sure your first question is: “Why would you call something that’s going to talk about sex things ‘Adult Conversations’?” Well, when I was a kid, I played a game called Suikoden II:



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From then on, that was my phrase of choice for talking about sex or sexual things. Maybe it’s a little goofy, but it’s what stuck..

That said, your second question would probably be, “Why talk about sex on a blog on the internet?.” Honestly, it’s because I have something to say, and it’s better to do something than to just stay quiet and hope someone else does the work for you.

I feel that a lot of people have questions about sex, but don’t want the negative stigma of ‘talking about sex’. They want to know more, but they don’t ask because they don’t want people to think badly of them. Others might do a quick google search, and find the most EXTREME™ side of a kink, sex act, or toy and immediately get too scared to explore. Making the conversation more casual, like you’re talking about the weather or that cool new Marvel TV show that was on last week, might make everyone more inclined to talk about it.

To help with THAT, I’m going to be taking questions about different topics and giving my best answer and, hopefully, learning some things and helping people along the way.